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US scholar Mendis lectured on the 7th Academic Forum

On November, 12th, the Scientific Research Division, Department of Politics and Department of International Cooperation and Exchange co-organized the 2013 7th Academic Forum. Patrick Mendis, Professor of George Mason University, delivered a report under the title of “China Dream and American Dream”. Approximately, 40 people, including teachers and graduate students, attended.

Professor Mendis analyzed the origin and fundamentals of the “American Dream” and “China Dream” respectively. He pointed out that the realization of any dream featured different stages. By introducing the development process of the “American Dream”, he held that for now the Chinese people had realized their right of survival, and that if more attention could be given to the individual rights and freedom, then the systems of China would maintain their vitality and the “China Dream” would certainly be realized. Finally, Mendis maintained that the US was willing to welcome the prosperous China and attached greater importance to its relationship with China. The increasing trade will facilitate the interaction of the two dreams, thus realizing the “Pacific Dream”.

(Edited and translated by Zhang Jing)

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